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It’s not always smooth-sailing delivering better banking. On the Auka blog we share our views, our experiences and our losses and victories as innovators in the world of financial services since 2010.

The beauty of GDPR

In retail banks and financial services, the upcoming data regulation review, GDPR, wouldn’t typically be associated with the word beautiful... for...

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New to mobile payments? Your top questions answered

We surveyed bankers in more than 20 locations across Europe about what they think of when they hear the term ‘mobile payments’. On average, 56 per...

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How BaaS can benefit your business as a reseller

Banking as a service, also known as “BaaS”, is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to grow exponentially. There has been a major shift...

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Auka in Prague and mobile payments in the Czech Republic 

At the end of this week Auka will be flying to Prague to take part in the 10th Global Banking Innovation Forum, Thursday 12th April to Friday 13th...

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The dos and don’ts of collaborative fintech partnerships for banks

2018 sees dramatic shifts to banking business models courtesy of payments and data regulation in the form of PSD2 and GDPR. For fintechs, there...

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Ask the expert: mobile payments

Maria Akkuratnova, Head of Customer Success at Auka, will be live online March 28 at 3:00 PM CET to answer questions about mobile payments.
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Expert panel to discuss bank and fintech partnerships 

Register now to attend this accidentally* all-women fintech and banking expert panel webinar as they discuss what the remainder of 2018 holds for...

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Auka to discuss fintech/bank partnerships at international financial law review conference

On Thursday 22nd March Auka’s global head of sales Sara Rasmussen will be joining a panel about the dos and don’ts of fintech collaboration at the...

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Olá, Vando!

Our new hire, Software Quality Engineer, Vando Batista, tells us a little more about himself.

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Mobile payments in Estonia - who will win the race?

Being (or remaining) number one in financial services requires being number one in payments. To be number one in payments, you need to be number...

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