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It’s not always smooth-sailing delivering better banking. On the Auka blog we share our views, our experiences and our losses and victories as innovators in the world of financial services since 2010.

The vikings are fighting back... and so can your bank

When we think of the term ‘vikings’ today, we often conjure images of great warriors - conquerors as opposed to the conquered. History paints a...

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Fintech partnerships: from buzzword to reality

We first started talking about the second payment services directive, PSD2 about one and a half years ago.

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Cloud is the obvious choice for financial services

Live from Google Cloud Summit, São Paulo, Brazil

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What's It Like To Be A... Market Analyst?

Karoline Alnes is one of Auka's newest employees. You won't believe how she got her job!

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Auka on board as sponsor for first European women in payments conference

At Auka, we’re committed to fostering inclusivity and engendering equality for all employees. We actively work to put in place steps so that...

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What's it like to be a... head of marketing?

When Jørgen Riiser was a kid, he wanted to be a pilot so he could fly his mum to the Canary Islands. Aww. 

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Apple Pay Cash and the mobile payments race against banks

Prior to it being removed, it’s reported that the video essentially played out a tutorial of what we expected. That is, a customer opens the Apple...

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